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Terri | Herbal Allergy Relief Testimonial
"I suffer from allergies all year long.  If it blooms or grows, I'm allergic to it!  I gave up on allergy medications - they made me groggy or didn't help.  I can't work like that!  I took two sniffles in each nostril of the gator spray and my sinuses opened up.  They hadn't been open in 6 months - no kidding!  Now, when I start to feel stuffy, I just use a spray or two!  It's all natural, smells good, and there is NO aftertaste of any type.  Thank you for making breathing easier again for me!"
  - Terri Freisner, Lady Lake, Fla.
Mary | Sinus Relief Testimonal
"My sinuses feel clear! I can breathe."
  - Mary Bilka, The Villages, FL
Nicholas | Allergy Relief Testimonial
"I use it daily and experience great relief, especially keeping the sinuses clean. I have been suffering from multiple allergies for about 43 years and tried many sprays. It is definitely effective."
  - Nicholas Ortiz, Lady Lake, FL
Ann | Nasal Relief Testimonial Dr Neuzil's Irrigator
"I use it first thing in the morning. It opens and clears my nasal passages in a few minutes. It's absolutely wonderful! It works so fast. I can't be without it."
  - Ann Karpe, Lady Lake, FL
Travel Sinus Relief Testimonial
"I previously had used Dr. Neuzil's Irrigator to relieve a stuffy nose caused by a cold. During a recent flight, I experienced terrible head pressure as the plane descended. I thought if the nasal spray worked for my cold, perhaps it would help to alleviate some of my discomfort again. To my surprise and pleasure, after a few minutes, I noticed a definite improvement. Now I won't travel without it."
  - Joyce Schwartz, Monroe Township, NJ